Mechanical protection

STOPAQ systems always consist of minimally two layers:

  • Corrosion Prevention
  • Mechanical Protection

The specially formulated and patented corrosion prevention layer adheres tenaciously to even the most difficult substrates and provides good elevated temperature creep resistance and resistance to soil stresses.

Corrosion Prevention Separated From the Function of Mechanical Protection

The protection of oil and transport pipeline systems, flange connections and field welding (for the application above as well as below ground level) very often is a difficult and time consuming and therefore costly matter. STOPAQ corrosion prevention products are based on a viscous-elastic system that knows no cracking.
Adhesion & Creep Resistance
Improved soil resistance is achieved by applying the second mechanical protection layer. STOPAQ is ideally suited for a diverse range of pipeline application such as: transition areas from above to below ground pipelines; special parts such as bends, tees, flanges etc.; rehabilitation of existing pipelines.

The mechanical protection layer provides supplementary soil stress resistance. Improved soil stress resistance is achieved with the application of an Outerwrap.

  • pipeline operating temperature
  • expected axial pipeline movement
  • expected circumferential forces
  • expected soil stress forces

Depending on the above expected situations, STOPAQ B.V. has selected the best suitable mechanical protection products to complement your corrosion prevention system: