For most materials the relative humidity (RH) is essential for degradation. Rust normally does not occur if the RH is below 50%. This means that machines, structures and especially electrical and electronic equipment have longer life and lower maintenance costs. Dehumidifiers are ideal for drying, preservation and long-term protection of steel surfaces in confined areas. In closed steel structures may be used as an alternative to traditional coatings.

Our dehumidifiers are based on adsorption and working from -40 ° C to +40 ° C. They work by air passing through a rotor consisting of large surfaces with silicate where atmospheric water vapor content adsorbed. The dry air is passed back to the room while the rotor is regenerated by a smaller flow heats the rotor material and expel water vapor wet air.

The units come in all sizes, with air flow from 50 m3 /h to 80,000 m3 /h and dehumidification capacity from 0.5 to 600 kg /h Dehumidifier is usually controlled by a humidistat that automatically starts and stops dehumidification, so that the desired RF maintained. Presserv offer solutions that include requirements analysis, engineering, supply of dehumidifiers, installation and service.