Corrosion prevention and water absorbing covers

The application of Envelop covers makes it possible to keep equipment ready for use with less time-consuming maintenance and change of spare parts. Thorough field testing has provided positive results with up to 75 % savings in labor hours with regard to maintenance. Envelop protective covers is a patented method for a simple and efficient corrosion protection.

To have the best effect each Envelop cover is tailor made to suite the specific requirement/equipment. An Envelop protective cover consists of 4 layers of composite structure working together to protect critical equipment from corrosion. The multilayer cover protects metal by drawing humidity out from the underside and by forming a molecular film on the surface.

The cover is designed as follows:

  • Surface/Outer layer
    A strong, flexible, waterproof material which lets humidity out, but is resistant to water drops from the outside.
  • Inner layer
    The innermost layer which is in contact with the metal surface Hydrophobic material which form a hydrophobic structure which in turn rapidly draws away/absorbs the water from the metal surface.
  • Absorbing interior lining
    A material with excellent absorbing properties which stores water and only returns it to the surroundings when the humidity is below 100 %, will also reduce.
  • Anticorrosive layer
    A layer of corrosion inhibitors (VCI) which will create an anticorrosive atmosphere beneath the cover by forming a molecular film on the metal surface.