Black Boar, riser cleaning and preservation.

Black Boar is a safer and more cost-saving technology within riser cleaning and preservation.

The tool comes with customized steel brushes providing the opportunity to clean Main bore, Kill & Choke & Booster lines using the same tool

Risers can now be cleaned and preserved in rack onboard or on site eliminating transportation and handling costs. The riser is dry cleaned, eliminating the use of water resulting in minimum waste disposal

  • Riser is cleaned and preserved in the same operation
  • Removes rust, dry drilling mud and scale form the inside of the riser
  • The tool can be operated by a 2 man crew
  • Portability allows for convenient transportation to remote locations
  • Small equipment package taking up minimal space
  • Allows for cleaning and preservation for risers stored vertically and horizontal
  • Eliminates transport costs and reduces to a minimal waste disposal