Why preserve

All known experience states that systems left out of service/electrically dead is devastating for the equipment. To preserve and maintain equipment and systems is more cost beneficial than repairing or buying new after a lay-up period.

Saving is often synonymous with less consumption of time and money. Within Preservation, this is also important, but not necessarily always the correct mind set. In some occasion this means increased efforts are necessary to avoid the risk for damages and undesirable repairs, delays etc.

Why Presserv

Presserv is the leading specialist in preservation within the oil, gas and shipping industry globally. The company has developed unique solutions to take care of the customers’ assets. Together with our partners we offer standardized as well as customized solutions for an optimal protection. Our personnel have widespread experience from preservation of assets corrosion during construction, lay-up, rig stacking and long term storage.
We offer our services both onshore and offshore worldwide. The Company has its offices in Stavanger, Oslo, Aberdeen (UK) and Vitoria Brazil.

Contact info

Norway Headquarter
Presserv AS
Kvitsøygata 10
4014 Stavanger

Phone: +47 51 54 90 00
Fax: +47 51 54 86 79

Employees in Norway

Presserv Group Corporate Level
Presserv AS

Phone: +47 51549000

Employees Presserv Group Corporate Level

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Altens Industrial Estate,
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